Battle Tanks Coming Soon…

battle tanks

COMING SOON… BATTLE TANKS! Do your fish have what it takes?? With Battle Tanks you can enter your fish in combat to win great prizes! The more you compete, the more you’ll build up your fish. Keep checking back, this awesome new feature will be kicking off soon!

Sand Dollar Rewards Every Level Up

Sand Dollar Level Bonus

Sand Dollar Clarification Rules Released

Sand Dollars will now be rewarded 1 sand dollar every other level before level 20


Sand Dollars will now be rewarded 1 sand dollar every level after level 20

New Twin Spot Wrasse Fish and Super Food

New Fish Twin Spot Wrasse

Super Food

Antique Items: Vases, Helmet, Urn and Greek Ruin

Antiques are decorations that age like a fine wine and increase in value over time. If cared for, your antiques can sell for high values!

New Treasure Chest & Feed Your Friends Fish

2 new features added to Fishville:

Feed Your Friend’s Fish

You can now feed your friend’s fish limited to 3 fish a tank.

friend feed1

friend feed2

Treasure Chests

Players can now open Treaure Chests once every 24 hours resulting in either coins, experience points, box fish or even sand dollars.  You can even open your neighbors chests.


5 New Fish & 1 Special E-mail Fish

6 new fish:  The Prawn Goby, Midas Blenny, Blue Surgeon, Lemonpeel Damsel, Achilles Tang and the Blackhead Filefish.

Visit the Ultimate Fish Chart for the complete list.

1 special E-mail Fish: Dwarf Angelfish

Because of the upcoming changes with facebook removing notifications Fishville found a way to still engage the users with an e-mail susbscribe just like Mafia Wars has been doing.  All you have to do to get this fish is share your e-mail with Fishville

Dwarf Angelfish Fishville

Dwarf Angelfish

New Adoptable Seahorse & Sea Turtle

Just like in Farmville you can now adopt Sea Creatures in the game via on your Friend Status updates or by logging in the game.

2 new Adoptable sea creatures in Fishville

fishville seahorse

fishville seaturtle

3 New Fish Added & Easter Island Environment Added

3 New Fish & Easter Island Environment Added

Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma

Midas Blenny

Midas Blenny

Assessor fish

Blue Assessor

Easter Island Environment

Easter Island

New Fish: Jewel Damsel, Cardinal and Black Cap Basslet

*updated Ultimate Fish Chart*

3 New Fish Added

Jewel Damsel

Jewel Damsel



Black Cap Basslet

Black Cap Basslet

Don’t Forget to Open Your Holiday Special Gift Boxes Today January 5th 2010

OPEN YOUR PRESENTS! Remember to check out all of the presents your friends sent you when they open TODAY for some awesome prizes! Don’t forget that we have some new fishes in the store: Blackside Razorfish, Flame Hawkfish and Catfish.

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